Personal Branding for Women is More Important Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.

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Building a personal brand might be something you’ve considered in the past but simply haven’t gotten around to yet. Here’s the thing, right now, post-pandemic, more than ever before, personal branding for women is vital. 

We took some major hits during the pandemic. Prior to 2020, women made up over 50% of the workforce, numbers that aren’t expected to return until 2024. It was a rough year, and we had to make some tough decisions that involved schooling for our children, elder care for our parents, and how much we could actually juggle while still staying healthy and calm. 

With the loss of childcare due to daycare closures and schools moving to virtual learning, many parents were forced to make hard choices. An overwhelmingly larger number of women workers then men left their careers to stay home and prioritize their family’s needs. 

Now that it is time to return to the workforce women must establish a personal brand. 

Why is personal branding important for women? Because it puts you in control of your next career move. A personal brand helps you attract the employer that YOU want, not just the one who will have you back.

Why building a strong personal brand online is crucial for female entrepreneurs

Before the pandemic hit you may, or may not, have had a clear path for your career. But 2020 changed a lot of us. It gave us time to reflect on our values and passions. The year highlighted our strengths and what set us apart from others. For many of us, it provided clarity on what goals we want to continue to pursue, which ones to let go of, and where our purpose lies. 

All of the above makes up who you are. It tells you where you will truly thrive and is the key to crafting your personal brand story. 

When you interweave that into your branding you are alerting others as to what you desire and expect in your next career move, as well as letting them know what they can expect from you. 

What is the story you want people to tell when you walk out of the room? That message you leave behind—that is your brand. It’s a story that weaves itself into the fabric of people’s lives and eventually, when done correctly, becomes more than a career or a business, it becomes a legacy. 

Whether you’ve decided to return to the same field, start your own business, or perhaps run for polictal office—creating a strong brand will help elevate your goals.

Building a personal brand post-pandemic

The world became just a little more online savvy during 2020. We all had a crash course in video chats, remote work and/or education, increased online activity overall, and possibly googled a few people we knew. That same level of online curiosity will continue as people emerge from being homebound, seek out new relationships and try to reconnect with old ones. 

Currently, 31% of U.S. adults report being online almost constantly. Our online presence impacts our day to day lives whether we are the one looking at the screen or the one producing content for others to find. 

Social media has saved a few relationships while also killing a few others. What we each put out into the digital world makes an impact. 

By building a personal brand online, you will be attracting the type of people, employers, and relationships you desire while also telling the world what you won’t stand for. It sets clear boundaries and expectations and lets the world know what value your presence, ideologies, and work ethic bring to the table. 

What the online spaces say about you is in fact the first impression most employers, future relationships, and potential clients will see. How you make a great first impression is more important than ever before. 

Does your inner brand reflect your online brand? Have you created an online presence that you can be proud of? 

The better you represent the real unique you online the clearer your path forward will be.  

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