As an executive or entrepreneur, forging your personal brand is not about establishing who you are as a person and a professional — you already know that. Creating a personal brand is a time to clarify who you are, which will arise as soon as you begin telling your story.

This is a necessary part of your ongoing personal journey, a part that requires time and smart strategy, which is why we created she Executive. 

Personal branding is
a personal journey

✔️ Your online presence truly reveal who you are at your core.

✔️ You lead with authority and stand out among your entrepreneur peers who also do what you do.  

✔️ People care about you and your expert knowledge; they even look forward to reading about you in a magazine or seeing you on TV.

✔️ You communicate with confidence and without second-guessing yourself during media interviews. 

✔️ You are a sought-after, influential voice in your community who inspire others daily.

✔️ You are part of a tribe that holds you accountable, shows you how to amplify your personal brand and support you the whole way through. 

✔️ You were selected for more media opportunities because you have a more polished and professional "media-ready" presence.

So imagine if....


You'll receive our Personal Branding Audit Workbook that includes the exact questionnaire we use with our big-ticket clients that will help you gain instant clarity and identify the biggest opportunity areas -- before we get started. Then you'll book two one-on-one calls with us at the start and finish of the program to ensure you reach your goals and are clear on what to do next. We'll have two video calls each week. In the first call, we'll explore a concept, and the second an implementation call where you will apply this directive to your personal brand and business.  


Each Tuesday, we'll gather for 45-minutes for knowledge-share and explore different ways you can take immediate action in support of your ambitious goals and strategically build your brand and take control of it to further position you as a persona of influence and authority in your domain. You'll need creative space and dedicated time to actually "do the work." Each Friday, we'll hold a 60-minute "virworking" space to ensure you stay on track. We'll be on hand to help you make decisions and optimize your efforts. 

How she Executive works

Unmatched Learning
6 weeks of a highly effective group learning experience that is unmatched by any strategy-building program you've ever attended. Each week you'll receive access to a new lesson with adequate time to learn and apply the information before proceeding to the next step.

Radical Accountability
Think of us as your accountability partners. We will ask you about your progress and be honest with you when we see your efforts dwindle. Together, we will help you develop yourself and fulfill your potential.

On-Demand Accountability
You'll be given customized attention through group video calls 2x per week. You'll also receive daily support when you post your questions on our private Slack channel.

Transformational Results
Expect a transformational experience that will change the way you see yourself. There's nothing more fulfilling than leveling up to your full true purpose. Are you ready?




What you will get


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she Executive is for the leader with a story to share. You know that you are worth the effort and investment it takes to be the best you can be. But you need help communicating both online and offline, who you are, what you do, what your core strengths and skills are, and the value you can bring to a bigger media audience. 

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You are here to fulfill your purpose and lead an extraordinary life. You know how good it feels to develop yourself and contribute your abilities to the world, and also enjoy motivating others to greater personal achievements they never thought they were capable of.

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You believe in yourself and your own value.

Who is she
executive for?

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Please do not enroll if you are not absolutely certain this is the right program for you. We put an enormous amount of time and resources into our program, and we expect you to do the same. We do not issue refunds. 

Q: Is there a payment plan option?

A: Yes, email our office at if you would like to set up your payment plan in up to 4 installments and make your initial deposit.

Q: How many spots are available?

A: There is a maximum of 10 spots available for each session. We believe smaller intimate settings provides a better group learning environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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