At she PR, our Premium Consultation stands apart from the standard 15-minute discovery call. Rather than just skimming the surface, we delve deeply, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs. While we're mindful of preserving our innovative strategies, this step permits us to offer candid, strategic feedback, providing clear direction on next steps. It's more than a mere introduction; it's a commitment on both parts to fostering authentic collaboration and setting the stage for a successful partnership.



Immersive Understanding. Our 45-60 minute Premium Consultation is designed to go beyond the ordinary. Within this dedicated time frame, we commit ourselves to genuinely understand the intricacies of your brand, your aspirations, and the unique challenges you're navigating. This isn't just about a quick overview; we delve deep, absorbing your pain points and desired outcomes. Our intent is to ensure that by the end of this immersive session, we are well-versed with every nuanced detail that makes your brand unique. A $250 fee is required for each Premium Consultation, a testament to the depth of our expertise and our unwavering dedication. We believe this fee emphasizes our commitment to both a robust partnership and the protection of our ideas and strategies. Please note, this fee is due at the time of booking and collected before the consultation commences.


Tailored Insights and Guidance: After immersing ourselves in understanding your needs, our Premium Consultation transitions to provide actionable insights tailored for your unique challenges. Rather than a mere overview, we offer considered recommendations to guide your journey. By the end of our session, we aim to paint a clearer picture of what a partnership with she PR looks like. Should you decide post-consultation that our collaboration isn't the optimal fit, we'll guide you towards alternative avenues or recommend fellow PR professionals who may be better aligned with your needs. Additionally, if you choose to further our partnership after this session, the $250 fee will be credited to your next engagement with us, ensuring you're receiving value every step of the way with she PR.

How Our Preminum Consultations Work

Our Premium Consultations are not merely touchpoints but transformative experiences. Distinctly set apart from standard industry practices, we delve deeper, offering unparalleled strategic feedback, and establishing genuine connections. Innovative thinking marries authenticity, ensuring a consultation that is truly exceptional. Because often, what you believe you need isn't always the case. We're here to illuminate the path forward with clarity and precision.

Crafting clarity from chaos...


She secured an ambitious media placement for our project, facilitated all the necessary logistics, and sent us encouragement throughout the process. Cannot recommend this woman enough. She's a rockstar!

I had the most fantastic experience working with Lakesha. 



aspiring entrepreneurs. Humble, kind and always willing to advocate for our community, I encourage you to take a moment to connect with her and follow her agency. More importantly, hire her agency!

Every step of the way this woman has taken the time to grow, teach, mentor and guide



in places I wouldn't have considered, didn't have access to, and for having a story vision that is beyond mine.

I am honored that she spends her time and expertise spreading Black Wallet's name


Our Premium Consultation is tailored exclusively for brand owners determined to amplify and refine their public persona. Ideal for solopreneurs to seasoned enterprises, this dedicated session is perfect for those poised to take transformative actions in enhancing their brand's visibility and reputation.

Given the comprehensive nature of our consultation, we advise attendees to approach with a budget in mind for immediate execution. This ensures not only access to our top-tier insights but also establishes a direct and efficient route to a fruitful partnership with us.

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You are here to fulfill your purpose and lead an extraordinary life. You know how good it feels to develop yourself and contribute your abilities to the world, and also enjoy motivating others to greater personal achievements they never thought they were capable of.

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You believe in yourself and your own value.

Who is A premium consultation for?

Q: Why do you charge for a Premium Consultation? 

A: Charging for our Premium Consultations not only safeguards the sharing of innovative ideas but also highlights our dedication and underscores your commitment, ensuring mutual investment in achieving exceptional outcomes.

Q: How does the Premium Consulting differ from a discovery call?

A: While a discovery call introduces our services and gauges basic needs, our Premium Consultation provides a detailed 45-60 minute analysis, offering tailored strategies and expert guidance for impactful results.

Q: What can the Premium Consulting service help me achieve?

A: It provides tailored insights to elevate your brand's public persona, ensuring protected idea sharing and fostering your confidence in brand direction.

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